J.I.T Delivery/Supply


What is J.I.T Delivery/Supply

Just In Time Delivery is a method for YOU, our customer, to manage your inventory so you can keep a smaller amount of inventory on hand and we, here at C&H handle ALL the storage and inventory problems! This will work for you if you have limited warehousing facilities! Then, we can ship the parts to you when you require them!


We use an automated order processing and shop scheduling system, much like the SAP system used by most of our customers. We have a minimum and maximum number of each part that we keep in inventory. This custom stocking program is determined by a close working relationship with each of our customers! The parts are ready to ship same day, or, in most cases, can be expected to receive item the next day !

Why Choose J.I.T. Delivery/Supply

We at C&H are very proud of our J.I.T. Delivery record and the quality of the parts we have fabricated and produced for our customers. The team at C&H worked very hard to exceed the traditional methods of meeting your machining needs. Make us YOUR certified vendor today and you can begin enjoying the following benefits:

  • Reduced Inventory Cost
  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Reduced Handling Cost
  • Reduced Inventory Taxes
  • Reallocate Capital to Other Areas